We here at Metloef drums were the first to use hand-turnable (tooless) screws for tuning bodhrans.  The use f the screws was developed out of necessity for tuning double-ended "Gemini" bodhrans where the use of a tuning tool would prove quite difficult.  At first we were told the method would not work due to the forces involved in tensioning the head, but we found that the method worked brilliantly.  Since then, the use of tooless tuning systems has become nearly ubiquitous in professional-level bodhrans.

Originally, we had been using 10-24 threaded spade-headed thumbscrews for tooless tuning. Along with Darius Bartlett, we recently redesigned our tuning screws, and now have our screws custom manufactured to our specifications.  These are M4 threaded tuners with tri-star knobs, and are available sharpened or unsharpened with stainless steel shafts.  The screws have proven quite popular and are now used by several professional bodhran makers, including Darius Bartlett, Diarmaid O'Kane, Mike Quinlan, and ourselves.

All of our drums are tuneable with an internal tuning mechanism.

Bearing edges are hand cut on wood or composite tuning rings, providing for a level bearing edge on a substrate of controlled density and flexibility.  We do not pad or wrap our bearing edges with any material as we feel that is acoustically unsound and kills tone and sustain, leading to a drum that sounds plastic, thuddy, has instant decay and limited presence.

The tuning blocks we've developed are simple but very effective. We use hand-fabricated brass or delrin blocks.